Giving is a part of God's divine nature. God is a giver, and as His children, we inherit this spiritual likeness, and become givers. Our giving starts within the local congregation, and expands locally, and globally, supporting local and global ministries in their endeavor to spread and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the earth.


Jesus calls us not merely to be financial givers, but to be those who contribute to the ehalth, welfare, and advancement of God's mission in this world. Prayerfully consider tithing, sowing a seed, or making an offering towards the Gospel of the Kingdom today!



To give, simply click the blue Givelify button above, which will set you up for online giving. you can also choose the green CashApp button, and give to $PastorHoye tag. This can also be used to give towards events and ministries.


Giving is much more than a small financial gift, it's a lifestyle! God calls us to become contributors of light to this world! Our lives are designed to be focused on giving, as it is better to give than to receive!


The offerings we receive are used first to advance our local congregation and satisfy the needs of both the church and our ministers; secondly toward local Kingdom partners, and thirdly towards Global Evangelism